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Advertising spots

Audio advertising

Combining advertising spots (audio advertising) with music is not only a great way to promote your own products and services but also a potential source of additional income. At Make Sense Media, we offer our clients the implementation of the entire production process of advertising spots, i.e. audio advertisements from scratch, regardless of the industry, or the use of ready-made material provided by the client. Audio ads in the music channel must be played at specific times and have a specific frequency, which is why we always set a detailed schedule with the client.

We know the importance of catchy advertising messages that stick in the listeners’ minds, and thank to the extensive experience of make sense media music specialists, we provide comprehensive services at the highest level in accordance with the client’s preferences. Music for a store or other sales or service area intertwined with advertising messages or audio ads requires a well-thought-out strategy, in-depth analysis of potential advertising recipients and understanding the consumer’s expectations. We are able to provide all this even to the most demanding consumers..

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