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About us

Make sense media is not only a company that delivers marketing solutions but also a place, where we design unique sensory experience for your consumers. We have been present on the Polish market for over 20 years and we also have extensive experience in the international arena. Innovation is our middle name which perfectly describes the direction of our actions. We are continuously improving our tools and modernizing our products.
We not only follow trends, but also set them ourselves. Behind each brand there is a unique story that we pass on through the senses. We listen to our customers, focusing on understanding the specifics of their company to be able to use all the advantages. Thanks to our professional approach, we have gained the trust of our customers, to whom we provide services in thousands of locations

We provide comprehensive marketing solutions, among others, for: shopping centers, retail chains, shops, bank branches, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, gas stations, car showrooms and office spaces.

6 reasons to work with Make Sense Media!


We have been helping our Polish and international clients achieve success for over
20 years. We gained their trust with a consistent approach to business, comprehensive knowledge of sensory marketing, a complex offer and the highest quality of services offered.

Individual approach to client

We listen to our customers and support their success! We start each project with understanding the specificity of our client’s brand and the nature of his business. Owing to this, we perfectly select all sensory marketing tools and create unique costumer experience.


We provide our customers with full support and advice in the field of sensory marketing solutions. Carefully selected suppliers and experienced service technicians guarantee trouble-free installation and the highest service quality – throughout the country.


The sensory marketing solutions we offer reliably translate into a unique consumer experience. Therefore we can boast of a constantly growing number of satisfied customers and hundreds of serviced locations.


We are everywhere! And we are not afraid of unconventional solutions – we quickly react to the changing needs of our clients. Our sensory marketing tools are perfect for all commercial and service areas – shopping centers, supermarkets, gas stations, hotels, airports,
car dealership, banks.


We make sure that our tools and products remain at the highest world level. We constantly improve and modernize them to offer our customers the highest quality and efficiency.

Our mission

Our mission is to support our clients in the development of their business. For years, we have been listening to their needs and providing them with business solutions tailored to the requirements of a dynamically changing market to help them optimize their results and stand out from the competition.

The basic assumption of our mission is close cooperation with the client, which is the key to the success of both our clients and ours. That is why our specialists stay in constant contact with representatives of our clients to jointly develop the most effective sensory marketing strategy. We want to build long-term business relationships with our clients, based on trust and flexibility in action – we want to be a partner for them, not a contractor. We believe that only in this way we are able to effectively contribute to the development of our clients, be a business support for them, and provide them with a unique business experience. Years of activity have shown us that this approach is what customers are looking for and what they value.

Our vision

Our vision assumes that development in business should be based not only on technology, but also on people and should serve them. We believe that real value in business is created by combining people’s involvement, work ethic and technology.