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MSM music system

Original platform for playing music

Our proprietary music playback platform is distinguished primarily by high quality and reliability, because our priority is that customers can use it without any problems. As part of the system customers have at their disposal software and players that are monitored on an ongoing basis by
a professional helpdesk, in case the customer needs any technical support.

While using our system, you do not have to worry about the continuity of music playback in your premises. Our MSM players are equipped with a backup system, thanks to which music will be played even if the network connection is interrupted.

High quality
Playback guaranteed
Adaptation to various technical conditions
Permanent access to
a professional helpdesk

MSM Player is an audio player designed to deliver audio to your location. An ergonomic device of small size, uses energy-saving technology that enables smooth implementation of the advertising campaign. Thanks to the built-in real-time module, you can be sure that your advertising campaign will start and end on time. The device has two modes of operation – allows Internet streaming or local playback from memory. Thanks to this solution, you will maintain smooth playback of both music and advertisements – even in conditions of unstable internet connection. More functionalities can be added to MSM Player, thank to which its operation will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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