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Disinfection dispensers

Touchless dispenser

Automatic and reliable touchless dispensers are the favorite disinfection products of our customers such as shopping centers and chains, gas stations, office buildings and medical centers. They are powered by batteries or via a main adapter and have a mist head to prevent dripping. They are available in a wall-mounted version or with a dedicated stand (color matching). They are also available in a version with a lamp generating UV rays which provides additional hand disinfection, and in a version with the option of regulating the dose of liquid (single or double dose).

Disinfection totem

The sanitizing totem ensures employees and customers are properly sanitized while the built-in 21-inch screen allows you to display any content, such as the weather, COVID news or advertisements.

Totem with temperature measurement

The totem we offer not only provides hand disinfection and displays a variety of content on the built-in monitor, but also has a built-in thermometer for measuring temperature with the option of printing the result.
This function allows you to minimize the risk of infection, and the temperature printout simplifies anti-pandemic procedures.

Touchless dispenser with temperature measurement

To meet the expectations of customers we offer a solution that ensure that people staying in the same room do not pose a threat to each other in terms of infection spreading. Non-contact disinfection measures the temperature of the hands and alerts about increased temperature. This solution will work in public places as well as in the workplace.