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Toilet equipment

Equipment rental and service

Our hygiene equipment rental and maintenance service is a combination of visually attractive sanitary facilities and a functional business solution for our clients. Thanks to the convenient rental option you can take care of hygiene in your company without incurring any investment costs. We take care of the service of devices and the supply of consumables.

We provide full equipment of public toilets.

Touchless foam soap dispenser

The foam soap dispenser helps you to remove dirt and bacteria in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The touchless soap dispensing function ensures safety and hygiene of use. The foam is a ready-to-use product, thanks to which it saves water. 

Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

The device with a professional ethanol-based hand disinfectant allows you to reduce the number of threatening microorganisms. The exceptionally efficient operation of the device was achieved by integrating the dosing pump with the cartridge. One filling of the dispenser is enough for about 2500 portions.

Touchless roll towel dispenser

Our feeder is equipped with a unique system  that saves up to 30% in paper consumption. The touchless towel dispensing function ensures safe and hygienic hand drying. The device is also equipped with an automatic knife that cuts off a portion of the towel.

ZZ paper towel dispenser

A functional and elegant tray equipped with absorbent towels will decorate any bathroom. One refill of the dispenser is enough for up to 600 hand dryings.

Dual toilet paper dispenser

The convenient dispenser has a second compartment with an additional roll, thanks to which the user can use 40 m of toilet paper at the same time.

Jumbo toilet paper dispenser

Toilet paper in a large roll with a length of approx. 100 m is a solution for places frequented by large numbers of people. Thanks to this dispenser we effectively prevent shortages of toilet paper.